GreenFleet picks Citron as Car Manufacturer of The Year again

GreenFleet certainly <3s Citroën. Last October, the UK organization declared Citroën to be the Car Manufacturer of the Year and it's done so again this year. Citroën also came in second in the 'Green Marketing Campaign of the Year.' As Citroën is proudly proclaiming:
It is for the range of cars that UK motorists can buy today that Citroën has again won this award, and there are numerous reasons for its GreenFleet accolade. Today the Company offers one of the most fuel efficient and lowest CO2 emitting product ranges around - over 40% of the Company's sales are diesel, with ultra-clean Diesel Particulate Filter Systems widely available. Importantly, the environmental benefits of these models are available at affordable prices.

Yeah, yeah, we get it. Sometimes is seems these awards a just a chance for companies to toot their own horn a bit. But, then again, maybe the snowball effect of mentioning green awards time and time again will be important to moving the masses to a time when we don't have " green" cars and non-green cars, just a bunch of choices for high-mpg, no- or ultra-low emission vehicles. If some of them happen to be Citroën, then that's cool. Man, I wasn't this jaded about this award last year. What happened?

[Source: GreenFleet]

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