Hyundai Getz as efficient as a Toyota Prius in London test

The 2006 GreenFleet Awards, designed to get fleet owners to greenify their vehicles, were held last week. There were dozens of categories rewarding electric vehicle producers, alternative fuel distributors and more. One interesting award was given to the winner of a 30-mile fuel burning test drive through central London. While the Hyundai Getz in the event didn't win outright, it did burn less fuel than two Toyota Priuses in the competition. The Hyundai Getz 1.5 CRTD won the Transport for London Private Sector Award, beating three hybrids, two biodiesel engines and another diesel and came in second overall in the economy drive event. The first place winner, though, was a third Prius that used just 2.2 kg of fuel (the Getz used 2.6 kg).

Other GreenFleet Award winner included the Aixam Mega (Electric Vehicle of the Year), Morrisons (Alternative Fuel Supplier of the Year) and Honda (Green Marketing Campaign of the Year). You can see the entire list here.

[Source: Mitsubishi, Greenfleet]

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