GreenFleet 2006 awards (con't): Citron and Vauxhall

I mentioned yesterday that a Hyundai Getz beat two Toyota Priuses in a 2006 GreenFleet road test through London. The GreenFleet awards are not just about testing cars against each other, though, but are instead a look back at the year gone past. Two big winners in this year's awards were Citroën (Greenest Car Manufacturer of the Year) and Vauxhall Vans (LCV manufacturer of the year).

Citroën was awarded for its "policy of developing and marketing environmentally-friendly cars that are both practical and affordable," said Sarah Cowell, Editor of GreenFleet magazine. Citroën sells three of the four lowest CO2-emitting diesel cars available in the UK and some Citroën cars (the C2 and C3) have Stop & Start technology, which switches the engine off when the car is at standstill. The upcoming C4 Hybride HDi combines a diesel hybrid engine with Stop & Start technology. A gallon (Imperial) of fuel will move the car 84 miles.

For its part, Vauxhall won because of its ongoing effort to make commercial vehicles (known as LCVs, or Longer Combination Vehicles) that use alternative energy. Vauxhall sells DualFuel LPG models and the Vauxhall Vivaro has a range of Euro IV-compliant diesel engines.

[Source: Citroën, Vauxhall]

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