Saleen found to be selling non-compliant cars in California, is fined

What do Steve Saleen and Jesse James, of West Coast Choppers fame have in common? Both of the men have now been fined in California for selling vehicles which did not meet or were not certified for California's emissions requirements. In the case of Saleen, those vehicles started off as Ford products which met the emissions requirements before modification. You are surely aware that California has the strictest emissions laws in the United States and, to sell vehicles there, sometimes special modifications are required, which also means that additional testing is required. Apparently, Saleen is being made an example of, which sounds similar to what happened with Jesse James. The threat of a very large fine - in Saleen's case $700,000 dollars - is probably enough of a deterrent to keep smaller vehicle manufacturers in line with regulations or out of the California market entirely.


[Source: Mustang Evolution via Autoblog]

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