Saleen gets fined $700k for selling uncertified cars in Cali

The California Air Resources Board has sent Saleen a $700,000 bill for making non-compliant changes to three of its aftermarket products. Saleen's Focus N20, Focus S121, and Mustang S281 were altered in ways that weren't legal under ARB guidelines. Based on the release, it appears that Saleen's offenses were altering emissions control systems on the N20, and not getting the other two models certified.

The size of the fine and the fact that the ARB expressly states it is using the fine as a deterrent for other aftermarket tuners makes it sound like Saleen knew it wasn't in compliance. However, the ARB release says that only the Focus N20 must be recalled and reconfigured. The other two models "were ultimately certified for use in California," but the ARB gives no indication that they had to be recalled in order to do so. Regardless, if you've got an N20 in SoCal that hasn't been fixed, get it off the road and back to Saleen.

[Source: Mustang Evolution]

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