Why you gotta be hatin' on the Chevy Volt? Oh, it's all the hype...

Before we get into how much C-Net's Wayne Cunningham thinks the Chevy Volt will not have the E-Flex propulsion system at all but will instead be powered by hype, let's state that he does think there is a lot of value in moving away from purely gasoline-powered cars and does think GM has done good work in this field in the past. OK, now onto the hype.

With Volt sand sculptures, independent Volt-friendly forums and misplaced excitement about people outside GM driving the Volt (false, that), Cunningham is critical of how realistic a production Volt will ever be. He is of course correct that there is some ka-razy hype surrounding the Chevy Volt. If you follow cars (especially advanced technology cars), how could you not notice all this? But, as we've demonstrated time and again here on AutoblogGreen, GM is not sitting idly by and coasting on January's Volt announcement. We haven't seen drivable models appearing in our test garages yet, but if you're going to bet on a concept that will actually make it to production, you could do a lot worse than the Volt. If hype is needed to get the car out of the auto show ether and into our driveways, I'll happily suffer through it.

Cunninham also doesn't like the Volt's looks. We'll see what he has to say about the revised E-Flex concept coming to Frankfurt next month.

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[Source: C-Net]

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