Shocking! A123 employees did not drive the Volt!

Apparently the report in the Detroit Free Press that said that stated that employees at A123 Systems in Massachusetts got to drive a Chevy Volt prototype were completely erroneous. General Motors did bring the concept from the Detroit Auto Show, but that doesn't have a lithium ion battery pack in it. A GM employee drove the car at low speed and the employees got to take a close look at it but that's all.

The original concept only has enough power to move it around on the show floor and is by no means fully functional. According to an interview with A123 CTO Bart Riley conducted by Lyle Dennis from a month ago they did not yet have functional prototype packs yet for the E-Flex program. When I spoke to Cobasys Vice-President Scott Lindholm at an event in Ann Arbor around the same time he also confirmed that the partners were still evaluating whether to go with air or liquid cooling. In discussions with GM over the last several months they have repeatedly said the first real prototypes should be ready near the end of 2007.


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