VIDEO: Huey Lewis! Michael J. Fox! Integra?

Here it is folks, the ethos of at least the second half of the 1980s, neatly encapsulated in 30 seconds. This 1989 home-market commercial launching the DOHC VTEC engine in the Honda Integra plays up the American appeal baked into the car. Badged as an Acura here in the States, the Integra was cementing the reputation of Honda's upmarket rides in a market that still viewed Honda as a maker of economical, inexpensive cars. The bludgeon-y juxtaposition of an Integra zipping around and Alex P. Keaton Michael J. Fox doing backflips tells you how elated the Integra is supposed to make you feel, but this commercial just makes us feel old. From the opening chord stabs on the Yamaha DX7 to the Huey Lewis soundtrack, this little spot brings 1989 flooding back with a veangance. Many a sunny summer afternoon was whiled away cruising the bike lane with a mongrel Diamondback Viper picked from the trash and resurrected. Integras were starting to get noticed as cars enthusiasts could love, and being junior enthusiasts, we took notice when one motored by. They look especially good when sunset is near, on a winding road dappled with golden sunlight. Ahh, memories - white or red are particulary striking, too. What's nice to see is that MJF could handle something other than a DeLorean, but we still want to know, "hey kid, what's with the life preserver?"

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[Source: Winding Road]

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