This video is a great exchange I recorded on CSPAN, Saturday, August 4, the day the energy bill passed. First, an amendment to the energy bill by Rep. Cleaver. The Congress must use low greenhouse gas-emitting vehicles. It's the same thing they require of federal agencies. Rep. Barton rises in "serious opposition" (he says it twice) to the amendment. He really likes his Chevy Tahoe... that just happens to be made in his district. Two representatives rise in support of Rep. Cleaver. One says even Bush has to comply with these standards so why not us?

Rep. Barton did not give up. He asked the Congressmen to think about the SUVs in their security details. Would green cars have the performance needed in an emergency he asked? Rep. Cleaver ends saying Congress must be willing to give up "big Cadillacs." It goes up for a vote with lots of yeses but very few (or only one?) noes. So it's a part of the energy bill now. If Bush does not veto the energy bill, Barton loses his Chevy Tahoe.

Cheer up Barton. There are flex-fuel Tahoes. I don't know if it's made in your district but it might be. You should look into it. Flex fuel cars are quite common now. The performance won't stop you from speeding off, saving yourself from attacking terrorists. I don't think you will notice a difference at all. You don't even have to use E85. Try E10 as a small first step.

[Source: CSPAN]

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