Another homebuilt Segway-like contraption built by teens in Canada

Despite the internet ribbing that the Segway tends to get, people sure are fond of making copies of them (see related posts below). Actually, maybe it's because of the ribbing they get... I mean, how cool is it that a couple of teens in Canada can take some wheelchair motors, 36 volts worth of batteries, an accelerometer and other assorted parts and make something so much cooler than the Segway? This on goes 40 mph compared to about 12 for the real thing. Some might say that no matter what the Segway was or could do, it would have been a disappointment after all of the fuss was made about it before it came out. I think that the real problem is not in the machine, but in the price. But, knowing that an enterprising DIY'er with a good deal of intelligence can duplicate the effect makes the inner-geek in all of us proud, no?

So, how long will it be until we see the Wii controller used as the accelerometer for a project like this?


[Source: Uber Gizmo]

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