Will there be competition for the Segway soon from Sony?

According to patents filed recently by Sony, the company may be entering the personal transportation market soon. Personal transportation can mean anything from new shoes to rollerblades, skateboards to Segways; Sony seems to be targeting the higher end market of personal transport. Some years ago when the Segway entered the scene, there were some predicting it would change the world in many untold ways. Even the most pie-in-the-sky among us would have to admit that it did not quite fulfill those projections. However, there is a market for them, and Sony may want in on it.

There is some difference in the two products, Sony's and the Segway, by the looks of the patent. The main seems to be that leaning produces not only forward and back movement, as on the Segway, but also left and right turning. Also, there was no mention that I saw in the patent of speed. So, besides how fast will it go, we have how long on a charge, how much will it cost, when will it be available (or ever at all) and the like.

My argument against the Segway was always the price (they start around $5,000). I think it is great technology and could at the least make a small dent in the auto-populace out there if it were priced more in line with its capabilities. We may see what Sony is kicking around shortly.


[Source: gizmag.com]

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