How about a one-wheeled alternative to a Segway?

A Swiss company has created a one-wheeled transportation device called the Easy-Glider that provides a variety of usage options. The single wheel is integrated with a motor and battery housing and has a handle bar extending from it with the accelerator and brake controls. It can be used to pull you along on a skateboard or in-line skates and it also has a detachable chariot that you can just stand on.

The Easy-Glider can apparently drag you along at up to 12 mph for anywhere from nine to sixteen miles (as always your mileage may vary). Charging is an overnight process at six to eight hours. If you think anyone on a Segway looks like a dork, how about someone a skateboard getting dragged around by one of these. Can you imagine dragging this thing home if the battery dies while you're out and about. Pricing is unknown but it's likely to only to be financially appealing only to those with more hipness and cash than common sense.

[Source Easy-Glider via Engadget]

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