Miles Automotive appoints initial dealer network

Miles Automotive has selected thirty dealers to begin selling their electric cars, including the new full-speed EV that's coming in 2008 called the Javlon. Their current lineup includes a range of low-speed, full-bodied neighborhood electric vehicles. The company hopes to have 190 dealers by the time the high-speed EV goes on sale later in 2008. The target price for the new car is $30,000 and the company hopes to build 18,000 units for the 2009 model year. The top speed of the car will be about 80mph with a 120 mile range.
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Miles Electric Vehicles Appoints Initial Members of Elite 'Green' Dealer Network

Cardinale Automotive Group, Lloyd Wise Auto Center, Bayshore Ford, and Motorworks of Long Island Are among Premier Dealerships Selected to Sell Zero Emissions, All-Electric Cars and Trucks

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Miles Electric Vehicles today announced the initial group of dealerships it has appointed to sell its advanced all-electric, zero emissions cars and trucks, including its market-leading highway-speed vehicle (HSV), due to hit showrooms in 2008. Among the 30 new car dealerships initially selected to become Miles Electric Vehicle franchisees are the Cardinale Automotive Group (CA), Lloyd Wise Auto Center (CA), MC Electric Vehicles (WA), Motorworks of Long Island (NY) and Alan Vigil Ford of South Atlanta (GA).

"Our dealerships are committed to protecting the environment, and we believe that becoming an ambassador for Miles Electric Vehicles is the best way to lead the market to more environmentally-friendly cars and trucks," said Joe Cardinale, President of the Cardinale Automotive Group. "It's a great opportunity for our dealerships to expand our business while doing something we believe in."

The company's lineup of advanced low-speed (25 mph max.) vehicles including the 4-door hatchback ZX40 and ZX40S, the off-road OR70 and the new ZX40ST work truck set the category standard for safety, performance and comfort, with features like all-steel body construction, stereo/CD systems, and stylish, practical design, inside and out. Their quality and versatility, combined with exceptionally low ownership costs they're about one-tenth the cost to drive and maintain as a typical gas-powered vehicle have made them an excellent fit for a wide range of organizations looking to cut costs and emissions. Current Miles Electric Vehicles fleet customers include Stanford University, UCLA, California State Polytechnic University, NASA, the U.S. Navy, and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, among many other organizations.

The company has recently expanded its nationwide network of dealer relations representatives to build, promote and support a 190-member dealer body in advance of the planned delivery of the company's Pininfarina-designed HSV sedan in late 2008. With an MSRP of around $30,000 and an anticipated '09 model year build of 18,000 units, it's expected to be the first affordable, mass-produced, all-electric HSV to hit the U.S. market. The lithium ion battery-powered car achieves speeds over 80 mph and travels more than 120 miles on a single charge (for about the cost of a gallon of gas), while providing luxury features/options like advanced airbags, bluetooth and GPS. Miles' highway-speed sedan will be complemented with an HSV crossover model in 2009. The company plans to produce 38,000 HSV units in 2010 and approximately 100,000 in 2011.

"With zero emissions and no gas required, Miles Electric cars and trucks far surpass the environmental benefits of hybrids, making them a compelling option for an increasingly large and influential 'green' market niche," said Miles Automotive Group CEO Jeff Boyd. "Our HSV has the potential to be a breakthrough product that generates news and energizes showrooms, which is why we're so excited to bring together dealers who understand its potential and can deliver a sales experience that meets the expectations of this particular car-buyer."

Miles Electric Vehicles is providing its franchised dealers with broad territory ownership, overnight parts delivery, technician certification training, state-of-the-art web management tools, aggressive PR and marketing, and dedicated support from regional dealer relations representatives.

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