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NASA officially says goodbye to its Mars Opportunity rover

Communication attempts have been unsuccessful for nearly a year now

Communication attempts have been unsuccessful for nearly a year now.

Fluoride discovery could lead to much longer-lasting EV batteries

Cells using it would have much lower environmental impact

Cells using it would have much lower environmental impact.

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NASA is reinventing the wheel for space

Why bother with lame earth wheels?

Shape memory alloy tires are developed at NASA's Glenn Research Center. The material can adapt to surfaces like martian sand and rock without damaging the tire.

Mars Curiosity rover detects ingredients for life

History's greatest off-road vehicle finds organic molecules, seasonal methane

History's greatest off-road vehicle finds organic molecules, seasonal methane.

NASA goes back to the middle ages for its rover tire design

Based on the principals of chainmail armor, NASA's "Superelastic" tires can withstand more deformation than any other non-pneumatic tire.

Passenger drones are 'absolutely coming. ... They're flying as we speak'

Fare would compare to a taxi. Should the auto industry worry?

People in the business seem to prefer the term Vertical Take-Off and Landing craft (VTOLs)

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Red Planet Rover Concept | Autoblog Minute

The Mars Rover Concept was revealed at the Kennedy Space Center on June 5th, 2017. Built by Florida based Parker Brothers Concepts, this vehicle offers look at what we could expect from a manned mars vehicle.

Trump's EPA chief says CO2 isn't main cause of climate change

Claim is at odds with scientists, including the agency he oversees.

Pruitt's statement is at odds with scientific consensus.

NASA engineer brought on to work on Uber's flying car project

Johnny Cab meets the Spinner.

Don't look for a production version anytime soon.

Nissan's innovative idea for self-driving cars is to make them less self-driving

Are 'Human In The Loop' autonomous solutions the only ones that will work?

"Show me an autonomous system without a person in the loop, and I'll show you a system that is practically useless."

NASA unveils NEAT new testbed for electric aircraft

The agency aims to make electric flight the standard in the next decade.

The first test flight happened in September.

NASA's Mars 2020 rover will search for signs of past life

This is what the car of 2020 will look like... on Mars.

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Robot Power Glove From NASA To Help Autoworkers | Autoblog Minute

General Motors and Swedish company Bioservo Technologies partnered to develop RoboGlove, the robotic power glove based on the NASA project Robonaut 2.

GM and NASA's robot hand will help factory workers

The RoboGlove will give people super-strength. Evildoers beware.

Enhance this football field-sized photo to find the Bentley

NASA-style technology created this 53 billion pixel image.

Nice stitching on the logo.

You can own NASA's Lunar Rover prototype

After decades of neglect, the LSSM prototype looks rough.

You can easily locate a Land Rover or a Range Rover from your local classified ads – but how about a Lunar Rover?

Priceless lunar rover barely escapes death at scrap yard

A priceless lunar rover prototype was sold for scrap in Alabama, but was rescued from the clutches of disaster at the last possible moment.

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