The Norwich Area Global Warming Action Group puts on a hybrid car race

Besides this one example, I can't think of too many races that a Honda Insight has taken part in. Well, I know that there are some "Insights" in name only that are set up for drag racing for Import races, but they don't really count. But, if the race was all about fuel economy, then the good old Insight certainly stands a much better chance. In fact, it would win - at least it won this example of just such a race by averaging 74.9 miles per gallon over a distance of 25 miles.

"It was a pretty outstanding race," according to Bill Champagne, who organized the event. "We hope to do it bigger and better in the fall," he said. That would be pretty easy to do with the backing of Toyota, and reportedly, they are interested in sponsoring another race like this. In case you were wondering, the loser was a Volvo station wagon which only managed 20.9 miles per gallon. That car was included as a control, to represent an average sized gasoline-powered vehicle driven over the same roads under the same conditions. Sure, it may not be as exciting as racing a Tesla, but for our readers who are more interested in going far than going fast, this race may be more to their liking.


[Source: Norwich Bulletin]

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