Honda speaks again of reviving their line with a new dedicated hybrid

Remember the Honda Insight? I'm sure you remember it, but, what do you think of when you hear the name? Compare the public perception of the Toyota Prius to the Honda Insight for a moment, and you will see where I am going with this. Honda would like to capture some of that green image back. As it stands now, Honda is probably the greenest automaker, and they have the highest average fuel economy of all the major automakers, but Toyota often comes to peoples minds when they think of an automaker trying to have a positive impact on the environment. I am not suggesting that Toyota should not be considered a green automaker at all, what I am saying is that Honda deserves more credit for their Insight than they seem to get. Regardless of whether you agree with that assessment or not, Honda would like to capitalize on the fact that they were first on the market in the United States with a hybrid vehicle. They believe that one of the reasons that the Prius outsells their own hybrid models is because it looks different than their other models, and it is a dedicated model of its own. Honda might just go that route again with a replacement for the Insight, with the goal of stealing some sales from Toyota. The new model would likely sell for less than $25,000 and be added in addition to Honda's existing hybrid Accord and Civic.

Here is a refresher in case you forgot all about the Insight...

[Source: USA Today]

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