Warning: Do Not Try this at home! ABG reader Joseph wrote in the other night to let us know about some videos featuring some street racing between A Tesla Roadster, an unidentified sport bike, a Mercedes McLaren SLR, a '63 Corvette and a Ferrari F430. Since Teslas aren't in public hands yet, I checked with Tesla Marketing VP Darryl Siry to find out what he knew.

According to Darryl, The upcoming Project Gotham Racing 4 from Microsoft will be featuring the Roadster. The video was shot during filming for a commercial from Microsoft that should begin airing in Mid-August. Apparently they closed off some streets and used professional drivers and the Tesla proved to be quite an accomplished drifter thanks to its Lotus-developed chassis. PGR4 is coming out in September if you've got an XBox 360. The videos are right after the jump.

[Source: YouTube, thanks to Joseph for the tip!}

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