Honda says high CR-V sales prove UK buyers care to drive green

Honda says that SUV buyers in Britain are making "greener" choices with their new vehicle purchases. Honda's case in point: sales of the CR-V, which is selling "better than ever, as they offer a cleaner, smaller alternative to the traditional 4x4 stereotype" according to a press release out today. You want numbers? Honda says that while overall the 4x4 sector dropped by four percent in the first half of 2007, CR-V sales went the other way and increased 28 percent (11,665 cars by the end of June 2007 vs. 9,086 during the same period in 2006).

Honda is attributing the upped sales numbers to their "Not all 4x4s are the same" advertising campaign. This advertising series makes the point that the CR-V is cleaner and smaller than a lot of other SUVs. The campaign was started in response to anti-4x4 activists who did actions like this one.

Vicky Mason, Honda UK's customer dialogue manager, said that customer response to this campaign "has been incredible. More people have reacted to this campaign than any other – even more than competitions to win a car! Our customers were pleased to see us getting involved with the debate."

[Source: Honda]

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