Fake parking tickets used to drive urban 4x4s out of English town

The Bristol Alliance Against Urban 4x4s is leaving fake parking parking tickets on SUVs. The goal is to warn the owners of the environmental harm and potential danger to pedestrians. Members of local 4x4 club say in the long run their vehicles just as economical as small cars.

The Alliance's mission is to make a 4x4 as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving. I printed out one of the tickets that was available on the group's website. There were some interesting comparisons, such as: "Driving a 12mpg 4x4 around town rather than a 25mpg car will waste more energy in a 1 year than leaving the fridge door open for 7 years." Some of the other interesting items on the website include a poster for a 4x4 Mud Wash where SUV owners can get a "real off-road look" for the vehicles with Surrey Slurry, Gloucestershire Gunk or Cumbria Crud.

I wonder, what would Benny Hill drive?

[Source: askaprice.com]

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