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Will O'Brien admits this is probably one of his goofier ideas. Will is an AutoblogGreen readers who really wants to convert a car to all-electric power. Not content to do it alone in his garage, Will is opening up his project to the power of the people and will build the car you want him to build. Will says that he will build a "complete, safe and reliable Electric Vehicle. Oil costs are insane, and we'd like to drive a vehicle that can conceivably be powered by sunlight."

Basically it works like this: at each step of the electric conversion process, Will will ask readers to vote on which option he should select. You vote, he acts. The catch? The project is funded each time someone votes, so it's not like you can participate for free. Will says:

What do you get for your votes? I'll be writing up every step of the build on the site. In the end, we should end up with a fairly thorough, and free, book on how to build your own electric car. (Who knows, maybe once it's finished we'll get someone to publish it, but the information will be available on this site for years to come.

Right now, the question is what car to convert. Will says:

The first vote is the most important. We need to choose the car and put together enough money to buy it. I'll be updating the tally by hand as votes come in.

Currently, the options are a Mazda Miata, a Ford Mustang, a Toyota Celica, a BMW Z3 Roadster, BMZ 3 Series or a Chrysler Sebring. The Miata is winning right now with five votes (the rest have zero - remember, the site is brand new, so don't take the low tally as proof it's unpopular)

Will is also keeping a blog on the subject (read it here). I haven't voted, and can't find information anywhere that lays out how much it costs to vote, but we'll be keeping an eye on this and see if and how Will's/your car gets off the ground. Good luck.

[Source: Build My EV, Will O'Brien]

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