Ford says hydrogen engine is getting close to consumer ready

Ford is really playing in all the alternative energy fields these days. They just had a big announcement (or a small one depending on how you figure it) about plug-in hybrids and said these PHEVs should be ready in 5-10 years. Ford was also proud of its Fusion 999 racer, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Aside from biofuels, what's left? hydrogen-powered ICEs. And guess what? Ford recently said this engine, which has been tested for a while in E-450 Hydrogen shuttle buses, will soon be ready for customers. It was almost exactly one year ago today that Ford announced it would start selling these shuttles.
Ford started making the H2ICE shuttles last summer, and they don't come cheap - $250,000 is the going rate - but they have a much cleaner tailpipe than cheaper gasoline-powered buses; they get better mileage, too. iTWire writer WIlliam Atkins doesn't give us a lot of details in his article on Ford's happiness with its hydrogen engine plans, just that "Ford hopes to begin mass production of these vehicles for the U.S. driving public." That leaves us with more questions than hope, if you ask me.

[Source: iTWire / William Atkins]

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