Exclusive: Live shots of the Ford Hydrogen Fusion 999

Cilck on the Hydrogen Fusion 999 for a high res gallery of the reveal

Ford unveiled the Hydrogen Fusion 999 (formerly known as the fusion XV1) at their Dearborn Development Center today during a presentation of their recent concept and technology demonstration vehicles. The example on display is the non-running aerodynamic buck that was used for wind tunnel work over the past several months. The development team took a stock Fusion body shell and lowered the drag coefficient from 0.34 on the production car to 0.21.

Through tricks like lowering the car, adding a full belly pan and completely sealing off the front openings of the body, they have created a vehicle that they hope to propel to over 200mph next month at the Bonneville salt flats. With the sealed front end Ford will use ice bath cooling to keep temperatures under control out on the salt. The actual running Fusion is currently on the dyno before hitting the track this weekend. The Fusion 999 is named after the Ford 999 racer that Barney Oldfield used to capture the land speed record at 91.37mph back in 1904. This time around retired Ford engineer and Bonneville 200mph Club veteran Rick Byrnes will be at the helm when they make their record attempt. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.
    • Matt Zuehlk
    • Driver Rick Byrnes

[Source: Ford]

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