India to get one million hydrogen driven vehicles by 2020

As yet another country clamoring for the lofty goal of being the alternative/renewable fuel leader, India is making some advances. And the goal seems achievable: one million plus hydrogen-powered vehicles on their roads in the next thirteen years. The hardest part is obviously getting a hydrogen infrastructure in place, but the difficulty of the task doesn't seem to faze them.

Vilas Muttenvar, the New and Renewable Energy Union Minister, says he looks forward to working with the European Union to meet their bio-fuel targets. Those targets involve the use of waste and crop-grown cellulosic materials. While not much emphasis was put on the point, it was at least a little gladdening to see that one of their focuses will be "reducing the environmental impact of bio-fuel usage." After all, if we're just changing the way we ruin the Earth, we haven't really made any progress, have we?

[Source: Daily India]

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