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America's renewable energy capacity overtakes coal for the first time

Green gets ahead, albeit only slightly

Green gets ahead, albeit only slightly.

GM invests in wind energy for Michigan operations

Wind deal with DTE will completely power operations at two facilities

Wind deal with DTE will completely power operations at two facilities.

U.S. to end subsidies for electric cars, renewables, says White House

They could end as early as 2020

They could end as early as 2020.

Lyft plans to spend millions to offset carbon from its cars

‘Action cannot wait’: What the money buys

Lyft on Thursday announced a multimillion-dollar investment to counterbalance the pollution produced by its entire fleet of ride-sharing vehicles by immediately purchasing carbon offsets verified by a third party. The plan to become fully carbon-neutral, it says, makes Lyft one of the top voluntary purchasers of carbon offsets in the world.

Boom in EVs, renewables not enough to meet Paris climate goal, consultant says

"We are racing against the clock. It's not enough."

"We are racing against the clock. It's not enough."

Global power sector emissions projected to peak in 2026

The report said the costs of renewable power will continue to fall.

EVs are greener than ever, thanks to renewable energy

At least, according to a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Based on where they've been bought, the average EV's emissions are about equal to a 73-mpg car.

GM plans to run on 100% renewable energy... by 2050

By the end of 2016, GM will be 4 percent of the way there.

The company has made progress. A little, tiny bit of progress.

Solmove the latest to see solar roads as an energy source

German startup looks to make the most out of pathways with flexible photovoltaic surface.

Solmove will demonstrate its photovoltaic pathway in Berlin, generating energy from the sun.

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EVs are a "Trojan horse" for energy literacy

And Tesla just took reservations for hundreds of thousands of Trojan horses.

When people drive an EV, they begin to care more about where their energy comes from.

In Nissan's future, your car will roam the night, charging

Everything will be connected. Everything will be awesome.

Renewable energy, vehicle autonomy, V2G and connectivity combine to make the future beautiful.

Sun and wind could power Tesla Gigafactory for EV batteries in Nevada

Next week is Tesla Gigafactory week. The California automaker has a major announcement planned, and it's all about its intention to build a battery factory so large, the company is pulling out the giga prefix. At some point in the next seven days, we expect to hear where Tesla will build the plant, who it will partner with, how it will pay for it and lots of other details.

Carlos Ghosn brings Nissan Leaf EV to happy nation of Bhutan

The Nissan Leaf has been declared the cleanest car in the US, and it's going to have a good case to claim the same title in Bhutan. Yes, Bhutan, the country famous for measuring Gross National Happiness is about to get serious a

Despite coal's dominance, renewables making gains in US

For electric vehicle drivers concerned about "dirty coal" taking away the environmental benefits of electrified transportation, we've found some good news. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has just released its annual report on sources of new energy capacity for domestic electric power plants. Renewable energy accounted for 37.16

EV drivers beware, ALEC is coming for your solar power

We wonder how the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) would feel about vehicle-to-grid energy technology being promoted by automakers such as Honda and Nissan. Because when it comes to home solar power-to-grid transmission, Danny King

SolarCity using Tesla battery tech for DemandLogic grid energy storage

Grid energy storage is becoming a tangible business opportunity for cleantech companies and automakers these days – it's all that's left of Coda, for example, and Toyota is open to the oppor

Cadillac ELR will be smart-grid ready from day one

General Motors just might have figured out a good way to go head-to-head with its luxury electric vehicle competitors, the Tesla Model S and BMW i3 – throw fancy new smart energy and cloud-based connections into the deal. GM says the extended range Cadillac ELR will be "Smart Grid

GM, Detroit Renewable will turn waste into power for Hamtramck

General Motors and Detroit Renewable Energy have just released a joint press statement with a provocative title. Apparently, the two companies are getting "steamy" with each other. What they really meant is that GM and Detroit Renewable Energy, a consortium of renewable energy generation and distribution companies, are working together to turn solid municipal waste from the Detroit metro area int

Electric vehicles prove more popular when green energy is available

OK, so this isn't exactly a "man-bites-dog" type of story, but it's still worth noting that electric vehicle buyers enjoy green energy. Turns out, folks are more likely to buy a plug-in vehicle if they know the electricity that will power the car, or at least some of it, will come from a renewable energy source.

Audi opens renewable energy E-gas plant in Germany

Audi has opened the doors to its new power-to-gas facility, which will make what the automaker calls E-gas, in Werlte, Germany. The plant produces hydrogen and synthetic methane and these clean fuels come from renewable energy, water and carbon dioxide. Audi says it's the first automaker to "develop a cha

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