Autoblog Podcast #70

They go on vacation, they never write, they never call, bupkis is what they send as communiques from the front. Our three erstwhile podcast participants, John, Damon and Alex, have pulled it together this week after far too long a hiatus. We proudly bring you Autoblog Podcast #70. Forty minutes and fifty-five seconds of crispity-crunchity Autoblog punditry. John admits to shabby Alero repair right off the bat, but things quickly move on to how perfect the Audi S8 is. You weren't going to use that $110,000 on anything like philanthropy, anyway, so pony up for the Panda Bear upholstery, you'll be glad you did. You could use your S8 to jet-set to Altamont and catch the 24 Hours of LeMons when it comes back around. Damon was there live blogging it this time, but we're going to be campaigning an Autoblog car in October. We hope.
Turning our gaze to the Roundel, BMW has officially officialized the 1-series coupe. With real snort under the hood of even the base model, it appears that this car may have found some of the DNA that the 2002tii left kicking around. Will the styling be off-putting? Will it poach MINI buyers? Is the price too high to attract new people to the brand? Stay tuned. The breathlessly awaited and endlessly promoted Transformers movie finally hit screens, and Autoblog was there. Alex plays film critic and offers a solid analysis (Let's not get carried away, Dan - AN) which boils down to: awesome, until the people start talking. Oh yeah, it's full of not-so-subtle advertisements and product placement, too. Who cares? It's TRANSFORMERS! We should warn you - if you want to avoid the spoiling about the film, skip from 17m 10s to 28m 35s, and you'll be good to go.

We wrap up with a couple of quick ones: iPhones top the list of status baubles for teenagers, and cars are way down. At least if they don't have a car, they won't be using the iPhone while they should be driving. It sounds to us like a serious issue with priorities, though. Speaking of coveted items, a forum member managed to snag some very nice spy shots of the new Challenger in the wild. We can't wait for the 2009-2010 Musclecar Smackdown. Maybe it'll be just as short as it was nearly 40 years ago, hopefully not. Lastly, the Reader Ride is returning. We love featuring your cars, so be sure to look for the post about what to do.

See you next week!

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