REPORT: Teens covet iPhone over new car

Ask any teenager a few years ago what one possession would boost their cool status, and you'd probably expect them to say 22-inch rims or an ear-bursting 3,000-watt car stereo. Oh how times have changed. CNW Marketing Research asked teens what they most wanted, and cars were actually way down the list.

Turns out, if you wanna be cool in 2007, personal transportation won't make it happen. No, only 20% of the survey's respondents said a car would impress their friends, down from 35% in 2000.

In 2007, it takes a different kind of mobility to boost cool. Mobile phones were the top desired possession among 16-29 year olds, with 32% saying one would impress their friends. Make it an iPhone, and, according to the researchers, that number almost doubles to 70%.

Other things more desirable than new cars were game systems, iPods, shoes and computers.

Oh, by the way. This post was written on an iPhone. On yeah. Autoblog is SO cool.

BTW - while doing this post we discovered more proof that someone at Apple reads Autoblog. If you begin typing "autoblog" in Notes, Email or SMS, the iPhone's internal dictionary will auto-finish the word for you and capitalize it. Thanks Steve! Photo after the jump.

[Source: CNW Marketing Research via Kicking Tires]

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