While these new spy shots of the production Dodge Challenger show neither more nor less of the car than similar shots taken last week, we still find ourselves interested. This time we see the new Challenger sitting at a stoplight, which afford a view of the big 5-spoke wheels that slightly obscure the car's massive disc brakes. This particular car is silver, compared to the black and reddish-bronze colored ones in previous spy shots.

The photographer reportedly pulled an illegal U-turn and chased down the car. After pulling up next to it and snapping a few pics on his camera phone, the guerilla snapper revved his engine. He reports that the engineers inside the Challenger changed their smug mugs into smiles and indicated they were ready for a stoplight launch party, but when the light turned green they quickly let off. Our guess is their bosses probably frown on street racing with the million dollar prototypes.

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[Source: Cheers and Gears]

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