Jeep UK wins top honors in green 4x4 awards

Guess what? Jeep's the greenest.

Thanks to increased fuel economy in the company's diesel 4x4s (compared to previous years), Jeep UK has won the Gold Award in a leading Green Awards scheme (to be clear, "scheme" is Jeep's choice of words, not mine. This is the UK division we're talking about here, and I don't think scheme has the same connotations across the pond as it does here). Jeep was also praised for the environmental credentials of the Jeep Wrangler, and singled out the Compass and the Patriot for being "the most economical 4x4s ever to wear the Jeep badge." These two vehicles have lower CO2 emissions than vehicles like the BMW 116i and Renault Clio 1.6

These awards were announced in the July edition of 4x4 & MPV Driver magazine (note: that link just takes you to their subscription page. The magazine doesn't seem to have a website), which writes: "Jeep have completely turned around their models' fuel consumption. And they have done it with nothing more than diesel engines. And that, for a company from the land of cheap gas and zero home demand for diesels, is a bigger deal than you may think."

[Source: Jeep]

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