2 Stroke Buzz takes on the Piaggio MP3 - their take? Read on!

"The extra wheel is a welcome novelty and could accurately be described as a "benefit," but is that benefit equal to the cost, weight, and technical complication?"

That is how the last paragraph from 2 Stroke Buzz's short take on the Piaggio MP3 after riding it briefly. I won't steal their thunder by pasting in their answer to that super-important question, find it here. The short version of what this scooter is: two wheels in front, one in back; powered by a clean, 250 cc, 4-stroke engine, mounted firmly to the rear wheel; leans into turns just like any other scooter, or can be "locked" straight up, with no leaning possible. If that still makes no sense, check out the video here.

I still have not been able to ride one, as there isn't really any dealers close to me. I am looking forward to my turn, though. It will come, sooner or later!


[Source: 2 Stroke Buzz]

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