This video of the Piaggio MP3 in action must be trying to show how the MP3 can bring the animal out of you; or at least make you ride like one. I guess... maybe. If nothing else, you can enjoy the soundtrack and watch the great action! I am impressed by this three-wheeler. Impressed enough to go and see one for myself in person. If I added one of these to my garage, my wife and I could enjoy rides together, and I could take the MP3 on commuter rides and to the store when it's parkability, stability and storage space would surely come in handy. All this while returning excellent gas mileage using Piaggio's very eco-friendly engine technology.

Or if this still isn't green enough for you, wait until Vectrix releases their rumored electric three-wheeler based on the Piaggio MP3!


[Source: Youtube via The Scooter Scoop]

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