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Vectrix electric scooter company goes bankrupt, again

Let's just say Vectrix has filed for bankruptcy one time for each wheel on its battery-electric scooters. This time, though, it's Chapter 7, Boston Business Journal reports, citing bankruptcy court filings. Since that usually involves liquidation, it's safe to say that the company's number is finally up.

Fully Charged spends two episodes on two wheels

Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged video series has, over its many episodes, focused on vehicles of the four-wheeled variety. Now, as if in atonement, it has produced two successive shows centered on two-wheelers. From bicycles with electric assist to scooters to motorcycles, Llewellyn makes up for previous omissions, all in one two fell swoops.

Vectrix launches urban electric VX-2 scooter

Vectrix LLC, a self-proclaimed world leader in personal electric vehicles, has kicked off the New Year with a bang by introducing its urban commuter; the VX-2 battery-powered scooter. The VX-2 is a slimmed down version of the company's VX-1 and is designed for low-speed travel. Whether that includes around town trips or traversing a college campus, troubled

Video: Bridgestone Eco-Rally 2010 parades green goodness for 50 miles

Bridgestone Eco-Rally 2010 – Click above to watch video after the break

ROBRADY wins two Green Good Design Awards for Vectrix two-wheelers

News of a likely bankruptcy filing from electric scooter manufacturer Vectrix hasn't stopped its designs from winning accolades. A year after winning a Design Award from the prestigious Red Dot Museum in Singapore, ROBRADY, the design studio responsible for the Vectrix Superbike concept

eBay finds of the day: Vectrix maxiscooters

While it is quite sad to see electric scooter maker Vectrix balancing on the brink of bankruptcy, it should also be remembered that there's a silver lining to every cloud. In this case, quite a bit of silver. When the East coast company started to run into trouble late last year it had been in the midst of creating an extensive dealer network and had

REPORT: Vectrix ready to file for bankruptcy

Vectrix scooter - click for high-res image gallery

Vectrix in trouble, may be for sale

Over the last few weeks, we've heard rumblings around the internet that electric scooter maker Vectrix might not be on firm financial footing. The first signs of trouble became apparent last month as reports from the UK indicated that Vectrix "will not be able to publish its Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 September 2008 until, inter alia, the successful completion of a fund-raising exercise." That caused the London Stock Exchange to halt trading of the company's stock. The latest news

Details on Vectrix VX-1E and VX-2 filter in

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Vectrix to debut VX-2 and VX-1E on Friday

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ROBRADY wins Red Dot Design Award for Vectrix electric superbike

Click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the Vectrix Superbike concept

Once you can charge up your ride anywhere, what happens?

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Austin Alt Car: Out of this world electric two-wheeled vehicles

Here in Austin, Texas, one of the big sellers of electric-powered two-wheeled vehicles is Alien Scooters. On the floor of the Austin Alt Car Expo, the shop has a large display area full of two-wheeled EVs. Oh, and inflatable aliens.

F1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella now an "Electric Ambassador"

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