No need for debut: 2008 Saab 9-3 pics aplenty

It doesn't seem like the folks in Trollhattan are working very hard to hide the 2008 9-3 from spy shooters and bystanders. Two days ago we showed you a brilliantly colored yellow cabrio trying to be anything but inconspicuous, and now the folks over at Trollhattan Saab captured several more photos of Saab's newest entry. We're happy with the new styling, particularly the new Cadillac-like head lights, and bright work around the grille and fog lights. The Aero-X-inspired grille and lower intake are much more aggressive than the current model, giving the '08 a much more contemporary, almost Mondeo-like look. We'd also like to note that we're glad to see that the uneven-looking tail lights of the current model didn't make their way to the '08.

Saab has been struggling to capture buyers attention for longer than we can remember, and recent offerings like the 9-7X didn't seem to do much for US buyers. With a terrific-looking front end and a re-done tail, we can see why Saab seems anxious to show off their face-lifted mid-sizer before the official unveiling. Click the "Read" link for more pics of the 9-3.

[Source: Trollhattan Saab]

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