Automakers: Ok to gas savings but...

You read that right: Major automakers affirm that they are OK with a proposal in the US for stricter vehicle mileage standards. They still say the standards would cause them financial strains, because they would require "tremendous investments over a sustained period of time".

Dave McCurdy, the president of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (which includes GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and 5 other automakers) made this announcement during a House of Representatives hearing yesterday. He also said that the proposed goals were extremely aggressive and difficult to achieve

The nation's major union, UAW, is endorsing the proposal as well.

The proposed plan at the House of Representatives would require passenger cars to increase fuel economy by 8.5 mpg to 36 mpg by 2022 and SUVs, pickups and vans by 7.8 mpg to 30 mpg by 2025.


[Source: Autonews (Subs. req.)]

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