Sen. Dorgan to Big Three: you lose on holding back CAFE increases

Is Sen. Dorgan trying to create a reality, or have we just learned the outcome of this month's CAFE standards hearings in the U.S. Senate?
According to Marketwatch and Automotive News (subs req'd), Sen. Byron Dorgan told the heads of the Big Three over lunch today that, "The issue is over. You have lost the issue." (Marketwatch's exact quote is: "I think the issue is over. I think you've lost that issue. I'd prefer you come to Congress and help us do it right rather than put ads in newspapers.")

The issue, of course, is an increase in CAFE standards. Dorgan was obviously not swayed by the Auto Alliance ads that call possible changes to the standards "extreme," AN writes. The Big Three CEOs stuck to their guns, though, saying CAFE is a failure and more needs to be addressed than just a fleet's average miles per gallon.

The Senate debate gets going next week.

[Source: Automotive News, Marketwatch]

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