Gas guzzler tax coming to the Netherlands

Driving a large, fuel-loving vehicles is getting more expensive all over the place. The latest location where a sin tax is being considered is the Netherlands, where the Dutch government is planning a tax on high-CO2 emitting vehicles that could add up to a few thousand euros a year for the really bad ones. This law is dependent on the number of grams of CO2 emitted per kilometer and will only affect vehicle that spew more than 240 g/km (200 for diesels). This leaves consumers with plenty of vehicles to choose from, but SUVs like the BMW X5, Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mitsubishi Pajero will be hit.
How big is the hit? A substantial 80 to 90 euros per gram above the 240 level. Reuters breaks that down for some of the big polluters in their article. Clean cars would get a break under the system, which will go into effect Jan. 1 if approved by the Dutch parliament.

[Source: Reuters / Gilbert Kreijger]

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