VW launches new environmental advertising campaign

Aside from diesels and their new direct injected gasoline TSI engines, Volkswagen hasn't exactly been on the cutting edge of alternative powertrains and even the diesels are using BlueTec emission controls licensed from Mercedes-Benz. To date VW hasn't shown any hybrids, electric vehicles, fuel cells or other advanced vehicles that are destined for production. They are apparently planning a hybrid version of the Touareg but the TSI and DSG gearboxes are the limit for now.
So in lieu of actual new alternative products they are embarking on an advertising campaign in Germany to promote their green credentials such as they are. The thought is that they haven't adequately promoted the efforts they have made such as the lat 3L Lupo which was canceled after several years of poor sales. The new campaign will feature VWs in nature such as a red ladybug Beetle and will also emphasize technologies like TDI, TSI and DSG. They will also connect the ads to the upcoming launch of the Passat BlueMotion.

[Source: Just-Auto - Sub. req'd]

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