NEIN sez Porsche: Roxster ain't going to happen

Fughedaboudit. That's what Porsche is saying about German magazine Auto Bild's claim the sports car maker is going to build a smaller companion ute to the Cayenne called the Roxster that would share its DNA with the upcoming Q5 from Audi. The Stuttgart-based automaker issued a statement that was originally reported on the Dow Jones Newswires denying the Auto Bild report.
No reasons were given as to why the Roxster won't be built, which is odd since we imagine it would be an easy business case to make. Just like the Cayenne shares many components with the Audi Q7 and Volkswagen Touareg, the Roxster would also share parts with the soon-to-arrive Audi Q5, as well as other models in the Audi range like the A4 and A6.

And who is Porsche kidding? This is one automaker that can longer claim its brand is sacred. The Cayenne looks like the Bearded Lady wearing a ball gown and the Panamera also takes the Porsche identity and applies it to an odd form. The Porsche badge could be applied to a riding lawnmower at this point (and it would sell!). Regardless, the official word from Germany is that the Roxster is not going to happen, which will just leave more sales for the BMW X3, Acura RDX and Mercedes-Benz's new CUV, the GLK.

[Source: Road and Track]

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