Rockin' the Q5 - Audi CUV lends DNA to Porsche's Roxster

The Porsche with the coolest name, Roxster, is being scooped by German website Autobild. While we'd like a Roxster to come with a Matchless and a Tele, the actual vehicle will be a Cayenne Mini-Me, sadly having nothing to do with rock or roll. Well, maybe rocks, depending on its offroad chops.
The basis for the small CUV with the big name (and price) will be the upcoming Audi Q5. There's no word on what the powertrain will be, but there's a wide corporate pool of bits – the Q5 is based on elements of the A4 and A6. Conveniently enough, since the Q5 is reported to borrow liberally from the VW Touareg, the Roxster could complete the circle and share some engine and transmission choices with the bigger utes. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the Cayenne Turbo's insane nuclear-powered motor to wind up under the bonnet, but we think reality will have a V6 of some flavor working away under there.

Thanks for the tip, Christian!

[Source: German Car Blog]

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