Investor Ideas thoughts on our vehicles efficiency and consumer choices

Update: AutoblogGreen is not endorsing any of the companies in the article linked to below. The point of this post is to point out that there are many companies who are hoping to get a piece of the green automotive pie.
Update - Editor's Note: We should make clear from the top of the post that Investor Ideas is paid by Zap! to promote Zap! products and so they are not an independent third party. AutoblogGreen does not take money for posts, and we never have and never will, and we should have pointed out that Investor Ideas does in the original text of this post. Investor Ideas does disclose the financial relationship with Zap! in tiny print at the bottom of their page, but we want to state it clearly up front. Thanks to Darryl and Rick for their comments pointing this out.

If you frequent our site, nothing in this article will come as groundbreaking to you. If not, you really should read our content! Then, if you want, check out the article. What you will find is that there are currently some pretty good choices for you next vehicle if you'd like to go green. You will also find that there are many more choices poised to grab some market share. Competing technologies such as plug-in electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and even hydrogen vehicles will be attempting to make inroads on American roads soon enough. What that means is that this is an exciting time to be involved, as we are kinda at a " Genesis" in the technology. Where will things go from here? Time will tell, and consumers will vote with their pocketbooks.

If ZAP! can actually bring their exciting products to market, I'd expect them to become a major player. As it stands now, though, their three-wheeled electric vehicles are not going to be replacing too many internal combustion powered cars anytime soon. If their electric Lotus APX or their Obvio vehicles actually show up, watch out!

GM intends to produce the Volt, read about that here. If you don't need a new car before, say, 2010... you may be in luck. We here at AutoblogGreen soundly believe that the Volt could be a market-changing vehicle for GM in the same way that the Prius was for Toyota. Don't forget Honda, the most fuel efficient brand in America, either. Like I said, exciting times indeed!

[Source: Investor Ideas]

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