Today's Distraction: Pimp my classic German ride

Looking for a good way to waste time? There's no shortage out there, but here's one that's good for a few hours you'll never get back. gives you the tools to customize any of a variety of classic German cars. As the name suggests, the site started out a few years back with the classic VW bus, but now includes the Beetle, the Type 3 and a whole variety of classic Porsches. You can customize a wide range of features, including the wheels and tires, suspension height, change the color, add decals and accessories... enough variety to keep you busy for a while. Check out the Porsche Selecta that lets you chose from a range of 911, 914, 356 and 550 bodystyles. Deck it out and then change to another model to see how the scheme you worked out for James Dean's Speedster would look on a 912 Targa.

While you can print out your design, we were disappointed to find that the printout is only on paper. To get your hands on a real one might take a bit more. If you're proud of your work, take a screen grab and send it to abresearch at gmail dot com. If we get enough, we'll make a gallery in the same vein as our CARS gallery.

[Source: via PistonHeads]

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