eBay find of the day: Wrecked Carrera GT from "Redline"

If you ask us, sacrificing a bona-fide Porsche Carrera GT for the making of a movie is almost unforgivable. Sacrificing both a Carrera GT and a Ferrari Enzo for the making of Redline is unconscionable. Now we find out a second GT barely made it out of filming Redline with its life.

Up for auction on eBay is a Carrera GT the seller claims was damaged while the filming the movie. Now, this isn't the GT that is seen going off a cliff, but instead is a GT once owned by the producer that was used and damaged during filming. Damage is confined to the left front, and the car still runs. It's just not drivable due to a busted front axle. The auctioneers warn that the repairs would cost much more than most new cars. Heck, an oil change on one of those probably cost more than some new cars.

Bidding starts at $100,000 (about $340k less than a new, undamaged GT) and is open to anyone and everyone not named Helmut Rehm. It seems Mr. Rehm of Germany hired an American eBayer to win the first attempt to auction the car, but then backed out of the deal. Be sure to read the kind, heartfelt letter to Mr. Rehm in the auction description. Here's an excerpt to whet your interest, "I think you are the lowest piece of $#%@ that walks the earth." Nice.

Check out the gallery for a couple more pictures, see the auction for more photos and detailed description.

[Source: TechEBlog]
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