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Cinematical reviews Redline... and nails it

, Cohn, Welles, and Spielberg are unlikely company for the name of Daniel Sadek, producer of the new auto-themed movie out in theaters called Redline. According to Cinematical's review of the movie, however, this real estate mogul turned producer has bankrolled a movie guided by passion rather than the bottom line.

It certainly won't win an Oscar, but a RAZZIE for Redline is definitely a possibility. While the movie presents no real surprises, no mythic overtones, and nothing goes against type, it also doesn't make any attempt to pretend otherwise. It's a sea of B-listers with hot girls; really fast, really expensive cars; crazy, bored rich people casually risking other people's lives; and tough-yet-good-looking underdog guys who are going to make good.

Yet in real life, a real guy put his real money and his real cars in the service of that celluloid vision. And did we mention that his really fast, really expensive cars spend much of the movie actually going really fast? In fact, Sadek even sacrificed his sacred Enzo for the pic when it was practically destroyed at the hands of actor Eddie Griffin, who plays rap mogul Infamous in the film. If nothing else, Cinematical rates the movie as "agreeably psychotic" -- and who doesn't want to say hello to that?

Apparently Sadek even wrote lyrics to some of the score. Even if the movie isn't worthy, the review is. Check it out.

[Source: Cinematical]

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