Earth Day = Birthday. AutoblogGreen is one year old today

Wow, sometimes time just flies by, doesn't it. A year ago, when I wrote the first post* on AutoblogGreen I had no idea where this work would take me and the rest of the bloggers and, of course, our readers. In a little while, I'm going to put up a list of our top stories during this first year, but for now let's reflect on the journey.

We've covered all sorts of auto shows this past year: from Detroit to Geneva, from New York to Santa Monica. We got caught in the alphabet soup of AFVI and EDTA, two organizations that are doing quite a bit to further the technologies we talk about a lot here on the site. I won't list all of the features we've had over the past year, because we keep a constantly updated list here. In short, it's been a big year and we thank you for stopping by and participating. And thanks to all of the newsmakers for their engineering skills and (sometimes) crazy ideas of how to get us from point A to point B without making as much CO2.

Looking forward to keeping the journey going...

(* actually, we had some posts up starting on April 18th last year, but we didn't really publicize our presence until last year's Earth Day because we wanted to have some content before opening the doors)

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