Thanks for visiting AutoblogGreen on our opening day, which happens to be the 36th anniversary of the very first Earth Day. Twenty million Americans came together on this day back in 1970 to celebrate the possibility of a healthier planet, and while we, the citizens of Earth, still have a long way to go, we've traveled a great distance in 36 years.

The automotive industry and car culture in general has arguably played one of the largest parts in this planet's environmental decline. Whether you're a conflicted auto enthusiast or someone who begrudgingly accepts the automobile's role in your eco-friendly life, you'll find AutoblogGreen offers you an up-to-the-minute account of the auto industry's efforts to clean up its act.

Hybrids, diesels and vehicles running on ethanol, compressed natural gas and vegetable oil are all on our radar, as well as the promise of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles emitting nothing but that elixer of life - water. What's more, we'll cover the green car culture that has blossomed around the world's ever growing fleet of green vehicles.

So sit down, buckle up and get ready to accelerate gently and maximize your mileage with AutoblogGreen.

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