World Touring Car Championship to run ethanol exclusively from 2009

Just as the Indy Racing League has already done, the World Touring Car Championship has decided to make the switch to biofuels starting in 2009. As a matter of fact, for the 2008 year, teams will be allowed to use ethanol and diesel fuels in addition to standard unleaded gasoline. This article quotes Jacques Behar, chairman and CEO of championship promoter KSO as saying, "Alternative fuels will play a major role in motorsport's future and it is our goal to be at the forefront of this technology. With the close relationship between touring cars and their road-going equivalents we believe that the WTCC is the logical platform to raise public awareness of bio fuels."

Is it only a matter of time before NASCAR (which only recently switched to unleaded) joins in? What about F1? All of this begs the question: Is motorsport the "perfect" way to showcase green cars or is it a waste of fuel?


[Source: Autosport via Jalopnik]

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