Is motorsport the "perfect" way to showcase green cars or is it a waste of fuel?

There's no question that motorsports have cleaned up tremendously in the past few years. Just look at all the Audi R10, Honda F1, IRL ethanol, and hydrogen racing news that's been on AutoblogGreen recently. It still might seem odd to some readers that using fuel just to drive in circles is the most obvious example of waste there is. But I used to not get jogging on a track either. I thought, "what's the point of the oval, when you could run on a trail or roadway and see new things around every corner?" But running on a track - whether it's a person or a car - is not about going anywhere. It's about the machine, and making that machine healthier.
So I think the Motorsport Industry Association (from the UK) is onto something with this idea that motorsport is the "perfect platform for promoting energy efficient technology." They're not totally right - I think minor increases in consumer models are better than hyper-green race cars, but first we get one and then we'll get the other. At the upcoming MIA Sebring Conference (which starts Thursday), the MIA says it expects green messages to be heard all over the place. And we can all expect this trend to grow. The MIA announced today it is "strengthening its links to China."

The MIA's take on green cars is after the break.

[Source: MIA]

Big Names To Attend MIA Sebring Conference

The power of using motorsport to impart 'Green' messages or promote energy efficient technology is gaining ground fast. Honda is asking its F1 fans to make a commitment to the environment this year, and has wrapped the RA 107 Grand Prix car in an image of the earth. The ALMS Series nowadays has both diesel and ethanol amongst its list of official fuels – the latter being under development for wider use by the end of the year – while ethanol is the mandatory fuel of the IRL series. Even NASCAR has moved to unleaded petrol.

All this and much more will no doubt be discussed at America's inaugural Energy Efficient Motorsport Conference being staged by the MIA at Sebring on March 15. A number of motorsport's heavy hitters will be attending in one capacity or another, including: Ulrich Baretzky, Don Panoz, Scott Atherton, Herb Fishel and star drivers Derek Bell, David Brabham and Andy Wallace. The event is being supported by UKTI, Xtrac, Shell and the SAE.

Said the MIA's Chris Aylett, "Such events increase the 'Green' motorsport momentum and demonstrate new motorsport opportunities to the automotive power bases of Detroit and Toyko. Already we have environmentally conscious manufacturers and series organisers using motorsport to showcase their technology. Added to F1's proposed technical changes, this can only help deliver new business for energy efficient solutions, which in turn will find their way onto road vehicles."

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