Honda F1 confirms plan to promote environmental awareness with 2007 livery

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As was reported a couple of days ago, 2007 Honda RA107 Formula One cars will feature an Earth themed livery. Instead of being plastered with logos promoting corporate sponsors, the car will feature an image of our pale blue dot. According to Honda the theme is a call to action for people and companies to join their drive to address environmental issues. Borrowing from the idea of the Million Dollar Homepage, anyone who wants to pledge to make a lifestyle change to help the environment and donate to an environmental charity, can get their name on one or more of the individual pixels that make up the image of the earth that covers the car.

Honda has also launched a website called where people can participate in the program along with major sponsors like Universal Music and Gatorade, that are supporting the program, but apparently will not get their logos slathered all over the car. Formula One racing in and of itself can definitely not be considered green, but since initially being involved in Formula One in the sixties Honda has always rotated engineers through their racing programs and then back to production programs where they can apply what they have learned. Although performance is obviously the preeminent goal in racing, one of the keys to reaching that within the restrictions imposed by the rules is to maximize efficiency in every area of the car. Honda's press release and a video is after the jump.

[Source: Honda]
Honda Racing F1 Team launches pioneering environmental concept

The Honda Racing F1 Team today announced a major new initiative for the 2007 Formula 1 season. To help raise awareness of the environmental issues facing the planet, the RA107 F1 car will simply feature a huge image of earth, in place of the advertising and sponsor logos which have featured and dominated all other F1 cars for decades.

The car's new look is a powerful call to action for fans, sponsors, customers and members of the public to join Honda's commitment to help address the environmental issues facing the world.

Via the, anyone who wishes, will have the opportunity to have their name on the car, make a pledge to make a lifestyle change to improve the environment and make a donation to an environmental charity. Under the concept of "our car is your car", each name will form a tiny individual pixel which will help build the image of planet earth on the car. Each name will be visible on the website when you make the pledge or under a microscope on the car.

Universal Music, the largest music company in the world, and Gatorade are the first global brands to partner the team in this exciting new concept. Existing partners have enthusiastically embraced the idea and all remain involved with the team for the 07 season. In addition, the team is delighted to announce that Fila, IBM, Instron, Oliver Sweeney, Perkin Elmer, Showa Denko, TUV and GF Agie Charmilles have joined the roster of team partners and suppliers.

The Honda Racing F1 Team will work closely with global environmental charities to develop Honda's existing environmental ethos within the world's most high profile motor-sport.

Nick Fry, Chief Executive Officer, Honda Racing F1 Team

"Climate change is probably the single biggest issue facing our planet and F1 is not immune from it. On the contrary we believe that F1 with its huge global profile and cutting edge technology can play an important role in not only highlighting the issues but also playing our part in developing solutions. In addition, the FIA recognises the opportunity for F1 to play an important role in developing technologies for the benefit of society long term. For example, by 2009, devices for energy recovery will be in place on the cars.

"So we at Honda F1 are proud to dedicate our car to the environmental challenge. We believe that solutions can stem directly from engineers working on our F1 program and are working harder than ever to achieve our dreams and win the World Championship while embracing and underscoring Honda's environmental ethos."

"First and foremost, we are a race team and F1 is very much a team sport. We achieve our racing objectives only by working together and parallels can be drawn with the way that we must all join together to address the environmental challenge. We hope that in raising awareness and highlighting the issues we will encourage members of the public to come together and help take on the challenge of climate change".

Yasuhiro Wada, Chairman, Honda Racing F1 Team and General Manager, Honda Motor Company

"Honda has a huge desire to challenge for this year's 2007 F1 World Championship. We hope this year will be a successful and exciting season. Equally we intend to give something back in the form of our new environmental F1 concept, which we believe will bring something fresh and new to motor sport."

"Honda constantly strives to be innovative in both its technology and its thinking and to sincerely respond to the demands of customers and society. Honda has always made great efforts to contribute to the preservation of the environment in its corporate activity. We hope this new initiative for Honda in F1 will help to further stimulate awareness and interest across the world for these important environmental issues."

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