The big news in Formula 1 is the deal between organizers and the teams to avert a breakaway series. But we found an few interesting notes about future engines and CO2 emissions in an interview with FIA President Max Mosley and Grand Prix Manufacturers Assn. Chairman Burkhard Goschel. Besides reducing costs, F1 will also address CO2 emissions. Mosley says F1 developments should be "directly helpful to the car industry." F1 is considering implementing energy recovery and re-use from braking in 2009. Recovery and re-use of engine heat may be required the following year. In the long term, F1 is looking at a completely new engine, possibly downsized and turbocharged. Overall, the character of the interview seems to reflect an attitude that F1 should not be technology for technology's sake. As Goschel said: "It is interesting to make an engine capable of 22,000 rpm but there is no interest within the car industry to have such an engine."

[Source: Planet F-1]

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