Every spring thousands of automotive engineers from around the world gather at Cobo Hall in Detroit for the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress. The four-day gathering includes hundreds of technical sessions on all kinds of topics related to automotive engineering. There is also an exhibit floor with hundreds of booths occupied by companies that supply components and development tools to the industry as well as some of the car-makers themselves.

The theme of this years congress is Engineering for Global Sustainable Mobility and there will be lots of sessions and panels on topics like hybrid, electric and alternative fuel technology. Toyota will be the official host of the 2007 conference from April 16-19. If you're a member of SAE you can register for free. If you're not a member but you are interested in learning about the latest technology, it will be $750 to get in. If you can't make it to the Congress, ABG will be there and will bring you some of the highlights of what is revealed. The Toyota press conference is after the jump.

[Source: Toyota]
Toyota First Asian OEM to Host the Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) World Congress
03/30/2007 Ann Arbor, Michigan

March 28, 2007 - Ann Arbor, Michigan, – Toyota will serve as the first Asian OEM host company for the 2007 SAE World Congress. The 2007 SAE World Congress will be held April 16-19, in Detroit, Michigan at the Cobo Center.

This year's theme for the congress is: Engineering for Global Sustainable Mobility-It's Up to Us. Yasuhiko Ichihashi, president Toyota Technical Center said, "For the automotive industry, the number one priority is planning for future generations and this theme challenges each of us to individually and collectively address these concerns." Toyota has teamed up with Delphi Electronics & Safety as the Tier One Strategic partner and DaimlerChrylser as this year's vice chair. "We have combined our strengths and skills to meet the challenges of 'continuous improvement' as we planned this year's Congress," said Yasuhiko Ichihashi.

For four days, the SAE 2007 World Congress exists as a rare microcosm of the global automotive industry-where the novice and the veteran will find what is necessary for enhancing core knowledge, while also gaining invaluable exposure to the people and the dialogue that will shape our industry, and in many ways, the world in which we live. www.sae.org/congress.

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