ABG POLL RESULTS: Just how fuel efficient is your vehicle?

On the 5th May we asked you to tell us how fuel efficient your car was so that we could see what kind of returns our readers are getting in the real world. As we said, we know you read AutoblogGreen, but just how fuel efficient is your vehicle?

Well the results are in and after receiving 649 votes it looks like we've got almost a perfect bell curve from your responses with a little peak at the end where 5 percent said they eked out more than 50 mpg from their vehicles.

Analysis: Congratulations to everyone getting high mileage, I'm sure our poll average of 29.8 mpg / 7.9 L per 100 km is well ahead of the greater community. We'll be sure to run this poll again in the future so see if you can improve your score before then!

Be sure to vote in our next poll - What portion of your income do you spend on fuel?


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